The rising concern of medication errors and what needs to be done

You could become addicted to the drug or you could overdose and die. Share your story in the comments below. Your health care providers can follow a process called medication reconciliation to significantly decrease your risk of medication errors.

What is the medication supposed to do. Names such as Johnson and Johnston can lead to easy confusion on the part of nursing staff, so it is for this reason that name alerts posted in front of the MAR can prevent medication errors.

Are there any side effects I should watch for. You can also read our recent article and food and drug interactions for more information. Speak to your pharmacist about all the medication you are taking.

Learn about the medications you take — including possible side effects. In fact, overdoses of the commonly used medication Tylenol have been linked to as many as fatalities in one year according to FDA statistic outlined in a report by ProPublica.

Will this new medication interfere with my other medication s. Always be mindful of directions and warnings on the labels of your prescription and from your pharmacist.

Taking the wrong medication can lead to harmful side effects, organ failure, and even death. An example of a medication error is taking an over-the-counter product that contains acetaminophen Tylenol, others when you're already taking a prescription pain medicine that contains this exact ingredient.

This includes proper medication labeling, legible documentation, or proper recording of administered medication. Your doctor can help prevent medication errors by using a computer to enter and print or digitally send any prescription details, instead of hand writing one.

For instance, if your doctor prescribes thyroid medications or blood thinners, you would likely need to have several blood tests over time to show if the dosage is too high or too low.

Healthline Medical Team Answers represent the opinions of our medical experts. This is another case where a pill-minder can be a big help. Taking them together may lead to a potentially life-threatening condition called serotonin syndrome.

Wrong Medication Given

Taking Too Much Problem: Place a zero in front of the decimal point. Examples include prescription painkillers like: Store medications in their original labeled containers.

Are there other medication errors you think readers should be aware of. News Wrong Medication Given The elderly are often on multiple medications simultaneously, so there is an increased risk of taking the wrong medication.

Medication Administration: Why It’s Important to Take Drugs the Right Way

This could involve for example, swallowing a tablet that was intended to be taken sub-lingually slowly absorbed under the tongue or an anal suppository yes, this had been done.

Medicines Interacting with One Another Problem: And in some uncommon cases, your healthcare provider may keep you in their facility so they can observe how the drug affects you.

Medication errors can happen to anyone in any place, including your own home and at the doctor's office, hospital, pharmacy and senior living facility.

5 Common Medication Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Kids are especially at high risk for medication errors because they typically need different drug doses than adults. Knowing what you're up. The most common medication errors in the United States during one time period were the administration of an improper dose, resulting in 41% of fatal medication errors.

Medication Administration: Why It’s Important to Take Drugs the Right Way

Minimizing Avoidable Interruptions During Medication Administration Jaleel Anne Arnado University of San Francisco, Reducing Medication Errors by Addressing Interruptions and Working with Unit Clerks Jaleel Anne A.

Arnado, RN, MSN-c To identify the needs and factors leading to the interruptions, a root cause analysis. Oct 05,  · Know the various risks and causes for medication errors.

See ISMP’s consumer web page,, for helpful tools and resources to.

5 Common Medication Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Learn more about five common self medication mistakes older patients make at home, and how to avoid them. Most Common Medication Errors that Impact Seniors. Taking medications can be a matter of life and death. Drug related fatalities are unfortunately rising, with the number of drug related fatalities surpassing traffic fatalities in Nationwide Children's Hospital.

"Rate of medication errors resulting in serious medical outcomes rising, study finds: Researchers advise parents to keep medication logs and store all medications.

The rising concern of medication errors and what needs to be done
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